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"The body is held together by sound—the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune."  
— Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Our children suffering from limited motor response and autism were dramatically helped by the use of Songaia Sound."  
— Patricia Villegas, O.T, P.T.
in Child Neuro-Development, Mexico City

"I am using the Songaia system with clients, as it deeply enhances healing and pain and stress management."  
— Kenyon Taylor, BA Cranial Sacral Therapy

 “The person who has found the key-note to their voice,
has found the key to their life.”
Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan



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Voice Spectrum Analysis with
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Voice Spectrum Analysis Practioner Training


Everyone has a unique voice pattern that reveals the sound codes for health and freedom. After analyzing thousands of speaking tone patterns, we discovered that most people are only using about 50% of their potential vocal frequencies!

Using a Voice Analysis instrument, we identify which vocal tones are dropping out, and then those tones are introduced to promote wholeness, healing and freedom.

Voice Frequency Graph

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Music, Geometry and Healing

Music as a Mirror of Creation



With Voice Spectrum Analysis we find frequencies to:

  • Increase brain wave coherence, body integrity and life energy
  • Develop vocal resonance and effective, clear communication
  • Release limiting patterns and increase clarity and creativity
  • Reduce stress and incoherent emotional and physical patterns
  • Increase personal empowerment and ability to manifest ones true purpose
  • With Songaia Sound Medicine CDs, discover the power of toning

“Each person has a harmonic signature that is distinctive, unique and individual. The energy in the human voice can be measured with a Spectrum Analyzer and frequencies can be sorted to reflect vibrations in frequency bands associated with the notes C through B on a piano. When individual frequencies are played back to the person, the resultant change can be reflected at the cellular level, in brain wave patterns, unification of the energy field and in the experiential state of being.”  Lana J. Ford, Ph.D.




As Hazrat Inayat Khan said,The Voice is the barometer of the soul.”

voice print sample


The human voice is truly a barometer of the soul, and one's unique voice print can reveal emotional, physical, and genetic frequency patterns. When an individual's missing or stressed tones are played back using one or more of the 12 tones on the Songaia Sound CDs, distinct changes in the physical, mental and emotional states can be observed, as well as altered brain states, associated with healing. Songaia (meaning "earth song") can open a gateway to greater creativity, healing, balance and clarity.


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voice color wheelcolor frequency wheelAni Williams is a world-renowned harpist, singer and sound therapist who has traveled the world for two decades, learning cross cultural sound healing traditions, and studying modern sound therapy techniques. In 1994 she developed Songaia Sound Medicine, which combines Voice Spectrum Analysis, a leading edge method of mapping an individual's unique voice print, and Songaia Sound Medicine CDs, an effective application of harmonic frequencies for reintegrating specific musical tones. The three Songaia CDs contain twelve sound meditations, using the tones of the musical scale, recorded with harp, voice overtones, Tibetan bells and didjeridu.

(Image on left is a Voice Frequency Color Wheel) ~~~~~~~~~~ (Image on right is a Color Frequency Wheel)


Scheduling a Voice Spectrum Analysis Appointment

Voice Analysis Sessions include:
Personal Voice Pattern Chart highlighting ones personal ‘gateway tones’
Tone Correlation Chart of physical and emotional issues associated with missing frequencies
Songaia Sound Toning CD (60 minutes of relaxing harmonic sound)
Toning Instructions                                                                                                              
Planetary Tone Correlations Chart—a map of the heavenly tones mirrored in your voice
Chakra Chart
highlighting weak tones           

Voice Spectrum Analysis sessions in person take place in Sedona, Arizona by prior appointment only and last 1-1/2 to 2 hours. In a session, the tone patterns of your speaking voice are assessed to determine which frequencies are stressed or dropping out. These missing frequencies are then introduced by toning with the Songaia Sound CD to create a balanced and integrated vibrational state. The session costs $150.00 including the CD and personalized charts.

Long Distance Sessions:
We are happy to announce that long-distance Voice Spectrum Analysis is now available
by phone and Skype. (Sorry, no cell phones).

The cost is the same as an in-person session ($150.00), and includes the same charts and CD.
The results of the session and the Songaia Sound CD with your personal tones will be shipped
on the day following the phone analysis.

See instructions for using the Songaia CD's
in your toning practice.


Songaia Sound—Voice Analysis Testimonials:

"Our children suffering from limited motor response and autism were dramatically helped by the use of Songaia Sound."  
Patricia Villegas, O.T, P.T. in Child Neuro-Development, Mexico City

“Thank you Ani, you have played an important part in our autistic son’s healing process. He is communicating better and steadily healing. He is playing music and most interestingly he is playing his missing notes!!”
C.M. in Los Angeles

“I found the Songaia System very effective for insomnia…it’s a great musical prescription without drug side effects!”  Rev. B. Allen, Washington.

“I am loving the Songaia sounds! My basal temperature is going up, and my thyroid is balancing.” J.T. in Arizona

“Finally a sound therapy that sounds good!”  Patti K.

"I am using the Songaia system with clients, as it deeply enhances healing and pain and stress management." Kenyon Taylor, BA Cranial Sacral Therapy

“I've had my voice analyzed by Ani Williams and I can tell you from personal experience that we all have a "missing note" in our life. Without this missing note back in our life, we aren't working off of 8 cylinders. We're working on 6--or less.                     This is a life-changing tool!”
Eileen Nauman, Homeopath, Medical Astrology teacher and author

“Using my missing C and C# tones has significantly raised my libido! And I made a significant business deal the week after using my tones…on the charts you gave me, C and C# correspond with sexuality, financial security, personal empowerment…voila, it works!”Sedona client

“Songaia is fantastic; the tones and melodies touch me very deeply and help me feel a sense of my true self. It clears my mind and opens up feelings within me.” Paul, UK

“I have experienced profoundly powerful healing sessions when using Ani’s recordings during bodywork sessions. The music seems to create a tonal sacred                              space that enhances awareness and personal clarity.”M. Davidson, Healing arts professional, Tacoma

“My husband has changed into a more powerful man. Our relationship has been wonderful since. Bless you for the role you played in bringing this about.”                      K.T. Licensed Reflexologist

“Progress report on working with my C note: I am feeling more confident in myself and more aware of when I am not…it’s helping me deal with life situations better.”A. R., Musician and workshop facilitator in Indiana

Since using your Songaia CDs, there is nothing in my life that I don’t see differently, and it’s a ripple effect! My husband is singing now all the time and we are singing as a family. Thank you for being an agent in my joy’s reawakening!”                                         Client in Portland, Oregon.




Voice Spectrum Analysis Practitioner Training

February 14 - 16 , 2014
Sedona, Arizona


May 8 - 10, 2014
Rennes les Bains, France


Three Day Intensive includes instruction in Voice Analysis:

• Learning the steps to analyzing individual voices and interpreting the pattern results.
• Practice using the Voice Analysis graphs and equipment,
including experiencing analysis basics with the course participants.

Medical Astrology basics:

• Learning to read the planetary wheel.
• Analysis of the stress points as related to frequencies.
• Cross referencing between the planetary and voice tone charts.

What is included with the course:

• Digital voice analysis equipment and microphone.
• Client intake forms, Voice Analysis graph forms.
• Brain Wave frequency chart.
• Laminated Color Tone Wheel.
• Tone correlation charts.
• Course completion certificate.

Ani Williams studied with Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options BioAcoustics,
Oded Mansura of Israel, Fabion Mamon, French sound researcher.
Williams developed Songaia Sound Medicine and 12-Tone Songaia CDs in 1994 and
has two decades of experience serving clients worldwide.


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$500.00 Deposit due 60 days prior to training date
$1,000.00 Final Installment due 7 days prior to training date

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Voice Spectrum Analysis Practitioner Training

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Sound Medicine YouTube Video

Ani Interview 2 The Song Within--
Frequencies that Liberate - YouTube

In this YouTube interview, Ani explains how her Voice Analysis Sound
Therapy helped an autistic boy find his unique frequencies to reduce
stress, body-mind coherence and healthy communication.
Finding the "Frequencies that Liberate" individuals and open
them to live their fullest potentials is the goal of
Ani's Voice Analysis Sound Therapy.


December 11, 2009 - Podcast Interview
Podcast link for
Interview with Ani on Voice Analysis

and its benefits for healing by
Lifeline Radio, 90.3 fm, Dublin Ireland.

Interviewed by Bernice Paolozzi and George Mulcahy


Click this Conscious Media Network link to view

Ani's Interview on
Voice Spectrum Analysis

Regina Meredith at Conscious Media Network



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