Songaia Sound is a system of vibrational medicine and sound therapy incorporating voice spectrum analysis and toning the indicated musical notes for health and wholeness. Songaia offers a range of sound healing tools, including Crystal Bowls, the 12-Tone, 3-Volume CD Set, laminated Tone-Color Wheel, tone correlation charts, and more than twelve music CD albums of original healing harp music by Ani Williams.

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Tone-Color Wheel

The Songaia Sound Therapy system incorporates both listening to and sounding (toning) specific notes of the music scale. Every individual has a unique voiceprint which can be charted with Voice Spectrum Analysis to reveal patterns of sound. These voice frequencies are related to physical and emotional conditions, genetics, brain wave patterns, and very basic tendencies of the individual being tested.

The Geometry of Sound Healing

"The sky and its stars make music in you."
— Denderah Temple wall inscription, Egypt

The healing potential of the magical fifth and the natural harmonics of our beautiful earth hold a powerful key for bringing us back to a state of well being. Songaia (song of the earth) Sound Medicine was founded in 1992, a system of sound therapy based upon ancient knowledge of the harmonious arrangement of heaven and earth. The ancients understood that if we live in harmony with the heavenly and earthly cycles, and use those harmonic principles in our physical environment, we can be whole, healthy and truly connected. Just spending time in nature puts us back in touch with the primordial harmonies that heal.

The basic purpose of Songaia Sound is to reintroduce the harmonic fields found in nature into our lives using a musical formula in twelve sound recordings. The twelve musical meditations are based on the twelve tones of the chromatic music scale, and incorporate the pure healing harmonics of harp, Australian didjeridu, voice overtones, and Tibetan bowls, all instruments used by ancient cultures in healing. Each of these twelve tones correlate with specific physical conditions, organs of the body, emotional states, and even vitamins and minerals.

The Songaia Sound Wheel illustrated above, shows sound, color and zodiacal associations. According to the findings of historical sound healing pioneers Johannes Kepler, Pythagoras, and many ancient cultural traditions, the planetary frequency patterns are mirrored in life on earth, in music, geometry, and in our bodies. This was called 'musica speculativa', or music as a mirror of the cosmos, by many researchers in Kepler's era of the 16th century.

One of the most exciting aspects of our work at Songaia Sound is in observing thousands of clients demonstrating the truth stated on the Egyptian temple wall at Denderah: "The sky and its stars do make music in you." The pattern of sounds emitted from the planets at the time of birth, based on the positions of those planets, is mirrored in the human energy system. This pattern is like a blueprint of influences and tendencies, and each one of us has this unique 'song-print'. The amazing thing about an individual 'song-print' is that the same planetary sound pattern is detected in the frequency pattern of the speaking voice. (Voice frequency patterns are also mirrored in each person's ability to hear specific frequencies. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear and eye specialist, developed the Tomatis Method, with diagnostic and therapy centers around the world.)

"The body is held together by sound—the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune."
— Dr. Deepak Chopra
Each of us is a living symphony of frequencies...some of our notes singing in harmony, and some singing 'off key'. Because of stress, trauma, and negative mental and emotional patterns, the instruments of our symphony need tuning up. Some notes in our body-mind symphony have become so stressed that they are missing, which makes it more difficult for our orchestra, or whole energy system to play. These missing tones can be identified by listening to the notes in our speaking voice with a digital tuner. (These frequency patterns are also mirrored in the individual's planetary tone frequencies.) By knowing the frequency of something, we can alter or change it, and when the missing frequencies are played back, we can return to wholeness, health and harmony. Playing the full spectrum of tones of our living symphony, and especially audibly sounding these tones (called toning), has been found to have the following effects:
  • Releases 'feel good' endorphins and supports healthy immune system function

  • Nourishes and feeds the physical and emotional bodies, harmonizing the system

  • Assists in releasing limiting belief systems, stress and general dis-ease

  • Alters brain state, inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing

  • Synchronizes mind-heart-body rhythms and a sense of being centered and balanced

  • Expands creativity, vision, and clarity, opening a gateway for soul freedom

In our modern high-tech digital world, we have lost much of these healing harmonies in our daily lives. Hours spent at computers, on cell phones, traveling in cars and planes at high speeds, stress is on the rise, and we find ourselves removed from the natural harmonic environments that heal. In the ideal whole and healthy state, our bodies and minds are 'singing' with the healing harmonies of the stars and the earth—humming with the natural harmonics of the uni-verse (meaning one song!)

"We are the stars which sing—we sing with your light."
— Algonquian traditional song
See complete article: Music—Geometry and Healing

  Voice Spectrum Analysis is a leading edge method of mapping an individual's unique voice print. The human voice is truly a barometer of the soul, and one's unique voice print can reveal emotional, physical, and genetic frequency patterns. When an individual's missing or stressed tones are played back using one or more of the 12 tones on the Songaia Sound CDs, distinct changes in the physical, mental and emotional states can be observed, as well as altered brain states, associated with healing. Songaia (meaning "earth song") can open a gateway to greater creativity, healing, balance and clarity.
"The liquid crystal structure in body tissue responds to frequency."
    — Gregg Braden
By studying the voice frequency patterns using our sound therapy program, we find chronic and potential correlations with the individual's emotional patterns, genetic coding, biochemical balance, and the organs and systems of the physical body. For instance, if a person is missing a specific tone range of the speaking voice, say the note C, or more specifically, C at 26l.63 Hz (cycles per second), we would look at issues relating to that note, namely, heart, circulation, colon, systemic problems (candida etc.) oxygen, hydrogen, zinc. And on the emotional level, self power and survival issues, sexuality, groundedness The individual can then apply the specific tone or frequency to clear, balance specific issues, and nourish the entire system. In addition to reported physical and emotional changes, increased freedom and creativity are common.

"Voice is the key to find locked emotion in the body; to release, we must use the same note that locked it, the point of emotional trauma."
— Fabion Maman

"Emotions can be detected, created, or changed using sound."
— Sherry Edwards

“The sound system that Ani Williams has developed over the last two decades has been a gift of healing for thousands of people world wide. Termed Songaia (earth sound) Sound Medicine, she has combined much of the latest scientific research in sound’s transformative power with her first hand knowledge of cross cultural sound healing techniques. Her music and chant recordings are some of the purest, heartfelt, healing sounds I have ever heard and I recommend them highly.”
—Rosemarie Brown, M.S.W., Life Coach and Medical Astrologer:

“I've had my voice analyzed by Ani Williams and I can tell you from personal experience that we all have a "missing note" in our life. So what? Well, consider this. Without this missing note back in our life, we aren't working off of 8 cylinders. We're working on 6--or less! Please go to Ani's website for more information. This is a life-changing "tool" that you should include in your personal Mercury transformation kit.”
—Eileen Nauman, Homeopath, Medical Astrology teacher and author:

Planetary Frequencies match voice patterns: In over six years of studying the voice prints of more than 500 subjects, a strong correlation was found between the sound patterns of an individual voice and planetary frequencies. Following the system relating each zodiacal sign to a tone of music, i.e. Aries = C, Taurus = C# (refer to color-tone chart), we found that in charting an individual's planetary frequencies, there was a distinct mirroring in the voice tones. We also found in 95% of the cases, that both the voice spectrum analysis and the planetary frequencies correlated with chronic and genetic patterns of the individual. As the ancient cultures have told us in their stories, songs and art, we are affected not only by the natural forces of the earth, but by the entire cosmos.

See instructions for using the Songaia CDs in your toning practice.

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