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Pilgrimage Guide


2014 Concerts

6pm Sunday, October 12, 2014
Church of Rennes-les-Bains
Languedoc, France

entrance free!


2014 Trainings

Voice Spectrum Analysis
Practitioner Training

October 16 - 18, 2014
Rennes les Bains, France

2015 Trainings

February 13 - 15, 2015
Sedona, Arizona




Sound Medicine YouTube Video

Ani Interview 2 The Song Within--
Frequencies that Liberate - YouTube

In this YouTube interview, Ani explains how her Voice Analysis Sound
Therapy helped an autistic boy find his unique frequencies to reduce
stress, body-mind coherence and healthy communication.
Finding the "Frequencies that Liberate" individuals and open
them to live their fullest potentials is the goal of
Ani's Voice Analysis Sound Therapy.


Life Passages: Song Of The Grail 
Host Nancy Bloom speaks with Ani Williams
about her pilgrimages in Southern France.


Song of Sophia CD

Song of Sophia

New CD release by Ani Williams
Harp, enchanting vocals and violira, recorded in seven
chapels and abbeys in Languedoc, France.

The chapels of the Cathars, Templars, and earliest Christians produce a pure
harmonic acoustic that transports the listener to this mystical land of the grail.

Songs include: Lux Lucet, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Nefer Ka Ra,
Gayatri Mantra and Mariam Maria Sophia.


“Sublime!” — Next in the West magazine
“Beautiful, haunting.” — P.T. Psychotherapist
“Sensual, luscious sound—brings to life the memory of being
in those ancient times.”

— R.B., M.S.W. health care professional



The Cathar View —The Mysterious Legacy of Montsegur
with 25 contributors, including the chapter A Troubadour’s Journey
Through Cathar Country by Ani Williams


Ani Williams Live in Concert in Brenac Church,
Languedoc, France

DVD available now! Previewing songs from the upcoming CD ‘Song of Sophia’

Filmed in France June 2012, many of the songs on the DVD appear on
Ani’s latest CD ‘Song of Sophia’.
Order here or on our Music CD and DVD Page

Here are two clips, ‘Salt of Earth’ and 'Viva la Santa Maria' two of the thirteen songs on
the DVD and featured songs on ‘Song of Sophia’:

'Salt of Earth'

YouTube clip of 'Salt of Earth' 

''Viva la Santa Maria'

YouTube clip of 'Viva la Santa Maria'


The following is also a YouTube clip from the new DVD
which is featured on Ani's Garden of the Magdalene CD.

'Garden of Blue Roses'

YouTube clip of 'Garden of Blue Roses'


Sound Alchemy DVD

Sound Alchemy DVD

90-minute DVD incorporating music, visuals and
historical teachings of the Science of Harmony


Conscious Media

Ani Williams talks to Regina Meredith about
sound, music and healing


Re-enchantment of Gaia 09/03 by Gaiafield Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Click the above link to listen to Ani on Gaia Field Radio


Nu-Clear Frequencies CD Sound Therapy, April 6, 2011, World View Video

Click this link to watch a video of Ani's explanation of the Nu-Clear Frequencies CD
and how to benefit from this Sound Therapy.


Ani singing the Aramaic
Lords Prayer in the Magdalene Church


Return of the Troubadour

"Music can change the world." Ludwig van Beethoven

Return of the Troubadour is a group dedicated to supporting emerging new
troubadours who have visions and music for a better world.
Visit the website: to learn more. 

For a direct link to Ani's article, Songs of the Eternal Dream, including
beautiful images of Southwestern France, visit:

Direct link to Ani's article Confessions of a Reluctant Troubadour, a
semi-humorous account of how Ani began her music career:



Some not-so-serious 'on the road' YouTube clips:

Ani Williams at Temenos, Ojai, California

You Tube Video ~ Temenos Center for Wholeness presents the soul soothing sounds of harpist Ani Williams

Jamming with English Rock Icon Rat Scabies

Rennes le Chateau, June 2009

Harping in the Jardin de Marie

Rennes le Chateau with a Circle of Friends, May 2009

In concert at Magdalene Church

Rennes le Chateau with Henry Lincoln translating, September 2008





Sound has the power to recreate our world. At every millennial turning point, the practice of sound as an instrument of change comes to the forefront of our attention. For instance, during the 1st century AD, the tradition of perpetual choirs was reinstituted at the early Christian and ancient Druidic sacred sites as a way of ensuring and maintaining terrestrial harmony. Now as we enter the second millennium, sound and chant as medicine are returning to assist the global community in moving toward a new vision of healing and a new earth.

Our task is to chant the world, chant the beauty. The world is a reflection of our chanting

Billy Yellow—Navajo Medicine Man.

The Zulu Medicine Man does not ask his patients when their symptoms began. He asks them ‘when did you stop singing’.

Listen! Let the earth sing from her heart into yours….if you have an open heart and love in your listening, the song will happen, like the opening of a flower.”

Olivia Dewhurst Maddock.


Ani Williams


“….one of the most celebrated harpists and singers of her generation, a pioneer in women’s sacred music.”
PJ Birosik, Musik International Corp.

Ani’s enchanting musical style has its roots in ancient sacred music traditions. Since 1985 Williams has been traveling and performing around the world, gathering inspiration from the Egyptian, Gnostic, Celtic, Meso-American, and Tibetan cultures….she weaves a beauty and poignant meaning into her music that has inspired audiences around the world.


“Ani’s voice caresses the soul with dream-like beauty and the layered harmonies and healing sounds work their magic.” NAPRA Review
With a voice that ranges from angelic to earthy shamanic, Ani has dedicated her life to singing for the beauty of the Earth. Singing and chanting in many languages, her vocal harmonies lead the listener into the temple of the heart.


Williams’ musical style weaves unusual eastern musical scales with a strong emphasis in harmony and melodic beauty. Lyrics are often based on ancient wisdom teachings, including the Persian mystic poetry. With chants in Aramaic, Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan and Meso-American languages her music brings fresh inspiration to these ancient traditions.

“Spellbinding, haunting, beautiful!” New Age Retailer

Sound Therapist

In 1994 Ani established Songaia Sound Medicine, a system of sound healing using specific musical frequencies and Voice Spectrum Analysis as a diagnostic tool. She developed the Songaia Sound CD’s, a series of therapeutic sound meditations, which are being used in clinics and by individuals internationally. (Songaia=song of the Earth).

“This is a life-changing tool.” Eileen Nauman, Homeopath, teacher and author.


Ani is a contributing writer for Four Corners Magazine, Spirit of Maat web magazine, The Temple Booklets published in England, and the book Earth Walking Skydancers. She is currently writing a book on Mary Magdalene and is co-producing a series of documentary films on the Grail Mysteries. Many of her articles on sound and the sacred feminine are available on this site.

Pilgrimage Guide

Ani has been guiding pilgrims to sacred sites in Britain, France and Egypt since 1987. She brings a wealth of knowledge of the Gnostic texts and ancient wisdom schools and with the use of music and chant at the ancient sites she provides a deeply transforming experience for every participant.

“What a wonderful time that I had. You put so much planning and care into the pilgrimage and it really showed. I will never forget it.”
Gail Southwell, retired business executive.

“Ani, I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. You were an excellent pilgrimage leader, everything went so smoothly, and I had experiences of places, people, and the spiritual that have left lasting impressions on my life.”
Jill Dubish, Anthropology Professor at NAU.


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